Smart board specification and price in Nepal

smart board price in Nepal

The new LED Smart Board is an Ultra High-Definition 4K Multi Touch Screen with Android Operation System/Windowns-10 System built in. Accurate touch technology provides improved touch reliability, precision and faster response. It recognizes not less 2mm object and able to detect the different in between pen tip, finger eraser and palm
Smart Board Price in Nepal

Frame design of Smart Board Nepal Panel DTF-Platinum is contemporary, durable and slim with 3 mm label of sensor which eliminates the problem causes by dust and dirt.

Specification of Smart Board

  1. Android 8.0 operating system, Upgradable to 9.0
  2. ARM A73*2 + A53*2 1.5GHz Quart Core Processor
  3. 3GB DDR4 RAM, Storage 32GB GPU and Inbuilt
  4. Commercial IPS LG Screen with Blue light Prevention
  5. Resolution: 3840*2160(UHD) 4K
  6. Wireless Mirroring Device Features
  7. Pen drive, white board pen, wall mount, bracket, Free Tech Support and Training

OPS (Open Luggable Specification CPU i5)

  1. Windows 10, 64 Bit Operating System Quad Core (8 Thread) i5 10th Gen 2.4GHz Processor DDR4 8GB RAM, 256 GB (SSD) expandable up to 4TH
  2. Intel UHD Graphics
  3. Support HDMI 2.0, 4K Video support
  4. Dual Antenna 802 llac/b/g.n 3T3RMIMOWi Fihighspeed wireless data transmission


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